NEF Safety Analysis Report-1.1.3 Process Descriptions

۱٫۱٫۳ Process Descriptions This section provides a description of the various processes analyzed as part of the Integrated Safety Analysis. A brief overview of the entire enrichment process is provided followed by an overview of each major process system. Additional details are provided in Chapter 3, IntegratedSafety Analysis Summary.

NEF Safety Analysis Report- 1.1.2 Facilities Description

۱٫۱٫۲ Facilities Description The major structures and areas of the facility are outlined below. Separations Building Modules The overall layout of a Separations Building Module is presented in Figures 1.1-5 through 1.1-7 and the UF6 Handling Area is shown in Figure 1.1-8, UF6 Handling Area Equipment Location.


۱٫۱ FACILITY AND PROCESS DESCRIPTION This uranium enrichment plant is based on a highly reliable gas centrifuge process. The plant is designed to separate a feed stream containing the naturally occurring proportions of uranium isotopes into a product stream – enriched in the uranium-235 (235U) isotope and a tails stream – depleted in the 235U […]

Nuclear energy and uranium enrichment

کتاب «انرژی هسته‌ای و غنی‌سازی اورانیوم» نوشته مهندس رضا بدریان از سوی انتشارات مرسل منتشر شده است . . . این کتاب مراحل استخراج اورانیوم و تبدیل آن به سوخت‌های جایگزین را با بیانی ساده برای کودکان و نوجوانان تشریح کرده‌است.  به گزارش خبرگزاری کتاب ایران(ایبنا)، در این اثر نحوه استخراج اورانیوم و غنی‌سازی آن […]